finally back (:

Posted: April 4, 2010 in maraluce, my 2d creations

after an extended hiatus. since my last post many things have gone wrong, pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong, which was why i was gone for so long. mostly school & money things. & my sewing machine broke ): among other things. but, i should be able to replace it next week.

anyway, since i couldn’t sew, i decided the time was ripe to start drawing again. i made this yesterday:


(the pinafore she’s wearing is actually the next piece of clothing i intend to sew)

it’s just a silly thing, very flawed & very messy, but i wanted to share it anyway. you can really see that i haven’t drawn for a while, can’t you? :p my scanner also completely butchered the colours & the striped background was coloured so messily i painted over it in photoshop.

for the curious: i used a mechanical pencil, faber castell coloured pencils (this drawing really doesn’t do the awesomeness of them justice), stabilo fineliners & it’s drawn on bristol paper.

& i also (accidentally) made a cutout of it in photoshop & thought it looked pretty cool:


i don’t say this enough, but thank you so much for visiting my blog! especially those of you that do so regularly! ^-^ i love you!


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