what i wore 02/03/10

Posted: March 3, 2010 in what i wore
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it’s not the most imaginative of outfits, but i wanted to show off how much handmade things i wore :p besides, if i do these posts more often, i’m more motivated to dress up on a daily basis. for months now i’ve kind of been in a jeans coma (shame on me), especially with school & the cold & stuff. i really should throw those jeans out…



hoodie: black widow diy
skirt: handmade (& it’s actually dark purple, stupid camera)
black underskirt: handmade
knee-socks: the market
shoes: good old doc martens
necklace: headless tess diy
rings: gifts (one from abysmal) & sugar mafia
make-up: maybelline eyeliner (only eyebrows), max factor powder
bag: black eastpak school backpack (not pictured)

i don’t really like the knee-socks in this outfit, but i didn’t want to wear tights/leggings (bulging issues) & my other three pairs of knee-socks clashed too violently. so i settled for these.




& one with my awesome yellow coat:


i bought it in january but the whole time it was too cold to wear it (that coat isn’t that thick) & the past few days it wasn’t, so i seized the opportunity :] it’s from we.

  1. Bianca says:

    You look awesome in the Black Widow Hoodie!!!! ❤ Thanks for sharing! Mind if I add your pic to my customer gallery? 🙂


    • maraleopard says:

      thanks! i’m glad you think so. it’s really no problem, i love sharing these things :]
      & sure, you can add it to your customer gallery ❤

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