all for my shop! :]
though i’m seriously reconsidering that last one, heh.



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made from a muse t-shirt & this amazing striped fabric i never get around to using. the graphic on the shirt isn’t spectacular, but i thought it would go really well with that fabric, so i just had to buy it :p i really like how it turned out. though maybe the pocket openings would’ve looked better if i made them bigger.
& this is in a size medium :]



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look at me thinking like a capitalist xD
i love tnbc though & would never make anything purely for the sake of popularity. i had a very different idea in my head for this one, but because of the size of the graphic i had to improvise. my first improvised idea wouldn’t work either, because apparently you can’t cut a medium (or even a small!) top out of an extra large girl t-shirt, so i was forced to add side-panels. & then i got the ideas for corset lacing & stripes at the top. & because i can’t find striped knit fabric anywhere in this country, i had to make it myself from black & white knit fabric. it wasn’t half as obnoxious as i had expected it to be.



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i just finished this one today. it’s made from a t-shirt from the used, one of the most amazing ones i’ve ever seen. the collar didn’t turn out quite how i wanted (i wanted it super ruffly), but i would be able to live with that flaw. although. a paying customer might not. that & the fact that it fits me perfectly & i adore it anyway is making me doubt selling this. also, the used is one of my all-time favourite bands :p i don’t know, i guess i’ll mull it over the next few days. your opinion on this would be much appreciated. yes, you. & if you desperately need to have it for yourself, don’t hesitate to tell me :]

will list these sunday-ish.

  1. Lady says:

    I really like all of them. The second one is my fav, and the third is nice as well =]

  2. Katie says:

    looking good x

  3. Melissa says:

    LOVE the NBC one!!!! 🙂

  4. LizD says:

    Great job on them all. I like that you explain the origin of your B&W striped knit – I was wondering where in the heck you found it. I’m borrowing the idea, so thanks!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I really like the tnbc dress, do you or can you post how you made it.
    I am doing a sort of “punk” for the lack of anything better to call it.. Midsummer Night’s Dream with a group of young kids…
    This looks like a great design… but me I am old and don’t quite see some of the ways that things are done without patterns…
    It is a great dress, just would like a little help in the design…. yeah

    • maraleopard says:

      thank you! glad you like it :]
      & no, i can’t. i don’t do tutorials on or give advice to recreate things i sell.

  6. Ami says:

    i think they r awsome… do u have tutorials?

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