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Posted: February 23, 2010 in news & previews
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this blog is now one year old! crazy, isn’t it? it seems so much longer ago that i submitted my first post. when i did i followed only a hanful of other blogs & didn’t really know what i could do with mine, other than post about the things i made. most of the time i was just flailing.

in that year of blogging i published 68 posts, got 4894 blog views, 188 comments (of which almost half are replies of mine :p), changed the name, changed the layout a lot more & abandoned the whole thing several times. it wasn’t a fantastic year, but hey, i learned from it :]

it’s also exactly a year ago today that i signed up for most of those profiles & such in my sidebar with my brand name & really started working on selling things. that got abandoned even more :p but i have higher hopes for the coming year.


  1. Katie says:

    Congrates you’ve made it one year! Woo! I enjoy your blog and that’s quite a compliment because I, also, only follow a handful 🙂 xxxx

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