things i love thursday

Posted: February 18, 2010 in things i love thursday


the artwork above, it’s arguably the prettiest thing i’ve seen all week all of you for reading my blog & commenting craftster going to see fightstar AND hole this weekend! ^-^ & still speaking of concerts, atari teenage riot touring again & coming to holland in may! what! i thought they were finished! having gone over my daily word count goal after barely being able to write for weeks having the even stevens movie on my laptop now & being able to watch it whenever i want to (i’m such an old disney dork :p the new disney sucks) already having read nine books this year bloodsong by melvin burgess (who is an amazing writer anyway), latest one i’ve read my new contacts, i can see SO clearly with them now, compared with my old, too weak contacts my new feedback on etsy getting closer to my goals every day losing weight strangers who hold the door open for you strangers who smile at you for no reason buying fashion magazines again, i can’t wait to start cutting out all the inspiring things & making style collages all the pretty things which inspire me cleaned out inboxes talking to old friends again after a long time discovering new things in photoshop! like the paint bucket tool i was starting to think was a myth

& still:

i so need adventure :p

also, do you have any book recommendations? :] i’m kind of obsessed with reading again.


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