two new skirts! for my shop!

Posted: February 12, 2010 in my creations
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i always overestimate my sewing speed. both of these took SO LONG. the first skirt i had worked on on & off since sunday. the second one i had finished cutting at around 10 am this morning & i optimistically thought that i could have it finished by 12. FAIL. it was almost 8 o’ clock at night when i finished it. & i had only taken breaks to eat & neurotically check my e-mail while switching music. what! i was working unusually fast & concentrated too. see how much attention i pay to my clothes?


Photobucket Photobucket

again, these look much more impressive on an actual person. they’re full circle skirts.

isn’t that rainbow plaid amazing? because of that fabric i wanted to keep this skirt on the simple side. it has an equally full red underskirt with a long row of gathered tulle at the bottom & red polka dot pockets! one on each side, with a bow & differently colored heart buttons. i wanted to give it pockets in the side seams, but only just remembered that when i had already serged both sides shut. this is a common occurrence. so many of my own skirts are pocketless for that same reason.


Photobucket Photobucket

i want to keep this one for myself! it’s just so full of awesomeness. varied polka dots, floral, ruffles, lots of bows, the timeless combination of black & white… & with this one i did remember to add the pockets in the side seams! it has a sewn-in full circle underskirt as well.
but alas, it’s much too big for me. i made something in a large for once! it’s about 38 inches around the top. i’m working on diversifying the sizes. & you know, my designs in general.

i’d love to hear some opinions before i list these. & thanks for looking! :]

oh, & i probably won’t be able to finish a friday features today. sorry! tomorrow?

  1. Lady says:

    I would by the black one in a second!!!! Is it 38 inches on the hips or waist? Because my hips are around 36-38

    • maraleopard says:

      aww, really? & it depends on what height you like the wear it. only the top part is 38 inches, as it’s a circle skirt the rest is free. so you could wear it on your hips, if you want to :]

      • Lady says:

        Yeah I would, but I have to know the price first obviously lol!! Oh I have a question, I want to buy my mom a sewing machine for her birthday, and I was wondering what kind you use???

      • maraleopard says:

        obviously :p i think it will be around $120, but i’m not sure yet. i’m still kind of figuring out a good, consistent pricing system. & i actually feel bad about charging so much. even though i spent SO much time on it & can’t help that i have to add 19% tax now. isn’t that crazy? :p
        & now i use a simple one from toyota, but i don’t really like it that much, i’ve mean meaning to get a new one. i recommend you buy a brother, i used to have one of those (but then we moved to the other side of the world where they use different power currents or whatever & i sadly had to leave it behind) & it was very good, especially compared to the other sewing machines i’ve used since then.

  2. Katie says:

    You are so clever I LOVE them both! I would totally buy if I saw in a shop and had money (oh to have money.. Come on…) post a photo of you wearing the one you’re keeping for yourself. I imagine it would look super fabulous on you. Especially with a petticoat underneath x

    • maraleopard says:

      thanks :]
      yes, the whole money thing sucks doesn’t it? & while i really want to, i’m not keeping either of these for myself. now i’d rather have more clothes to sell than clothes for myself. but for the listings i’ll have to model them anyway :p

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