things i love thursday

Posted: January 7, 2010 in things i love thursday


the amazing feedback i got on my first real article everyone who shared that same article with others the sudden increase of comments on my blog in general, EVERY post on the front page has comments, it’s amazing! another order! from a total stranger! snow, still (except when it’s dirty or icy) productivity, always reaching my daily word goals having a ticket for fightstar next month! i love them so much buying whole seasons of the l word on itunes freshly baked (or however you say it in english) cashews writing to-do lists & crossing things off of them unexpected texts from awesome people being a member of a library again & having access to so many awesome FREE books having completely filled up a journal for once in my life fresh, new moleskines shiny new fabric being back on mostly raw food actually having money on my bank account that i can use when i need it, instead of spending everything within a week of getting it & being broke buying small gifts for others when they’re not expecting it (& with my well-known selfishness, they never do) new junk aesthetic from every time i die, every time i listen to it i’m amazed by how amazing it is viewing school as optional & not totally stressing out about it seeing all the awesome people from school again, it’s really the only good thing all my positive feedback on etsy :p new beginnings doing yoga on an actual yoga mat instead of being too cheap to buy one & just doing it on the floor & hurting my back the feeling that my little clothing line will really be a success, eventually

yes, despite being back in school & all the crap that comes with that, there have still been plenty of awesome things this week (:
what’s made YOU smile this week?

  1. Sia says:

    I came here because of that article. Extremely well written, fun to look at, and honestly.. Linked a bunch of shops I knew and a few I didn’t! DIY is bigger than anyone realizes, and I’m glad someone decided to point it out.

    Plus : free books are awesome and your blog is actually really interesting. I’m sure that post got you quite a few actual readers (myself included)

    good luck on your clothing line!

    • maraleopard says:

      thank you so much! 😀 i’m glad you find it that good. i was very nervous about posting it :p
      i did actually get some more actual readers, which made me very happy. & even another clothing order!
      & thanks for that!

  2. Katie says:

    Yay!!! I love your blog I’m going to link it to mine and make it a daily perve site 😉 X

    Awesome about raw food. I’m too convenience motivated for that but power to ya doll face

    • maraleopard says:

      aww, thank you! ^-^

      i’m also often tempted by convenience. it’s so annoying that raw food isn’t that widely spread. but now i’ve already tasted it, i just feel like crap if i eat to much of anything else :p

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