things i love thursday

Posted: December 10, 2009 in things i love thursday

via liquorinthefront, don’t know who took it

seeing marilyn manson again seeing awesome people i only ever see at shows & haven’t seen in a long time again meeting more awesome people at shows my vintage faux fur coat, it saved my life on monday getting complimented on outfits i put a lot of thought in getting complimented on outfits i put a lot of thought in in a COMMENT on my blog by DOE DEERE, who i absolutely adore speaking of, my new lime crime makeup, it inspires me to wear makeup more often all you loyal people who still visited my blog even when i hadn’t updated in so long the (much greater) amount of people who flocked to my blog once i updated, you’re awesome! you inspire me to stop neglecting it so much not being completely stressed out by school! though the reason for that is pretty bad, heh discovering lots of awesome new artists through getting up early & getting lots of things done before noon seeing arch enemy again tomorrow! i love them so much being organized having 100 shop hearts on etsy new moleskines obsessively writing, especially on paper instead of my laptop (i have yet to finish any of my new stories though) new books, i hadn’t bought books in so loooooooong getting two chocolate letters even though we don’t celebrate sinterklaas (dutch holiday on december 5th, hard to explain, but kind of like christmas if you squint) in my family unexpected texts from people i like getting to sew again reading & having lolita in ENGLISH, i could never pay much attention to the dutch version love & sequins, especially the fifth right now, from gala darling, i’ve really needed that positivity & advice lately

well, that’s all i can think of right now. feel free to comment & add your own list of things you love this thursday!

a dreamer can only find his way by moonlight & his punishment is seeing the dawn before the rest of the world.
–oscar wilde


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