what i wore 12/07/09

Posted: December 8, 2009 in what i wore
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i know, i know, i haven’t posted for over a month (or been active at all on the internet, with the occasional exception of twitter), shut up. goddamn school. i hate it so much now i can’t even express it. & doing things you hate is never good.

anyway, i went to marilyn manson (*SQUEE*) last night & wore this & wanted to show it off:


as always i completely forgot to take pictures while i was wearing this outside (besides, i had been sitting outside the venue since 9 am & it was cold & i was exhausted), so i only just got around to it after the concert at home, even though i really wasn’t in the mood & only wanted sleep, hence the not ecstatic expression.

blue waistcoat & pants: handmade
shirt: we
tie: de bijenkorf
shoes: doc martens
gloves: flirt
pocketwatch: gift

make-up: lime crime lipstick (styletto), rimmel eye pencil, lancome mascara, rimmel nail polish


this is one of my favorite outfits ever ^-^ aside the obvious colors, it’s so different from the stuff i usually wear! & so delightfully boyish. i also tried something new with make-up. i really love that black lipstick.

the show was awesome, by the way. though it wasn’t as good as the previous time… marilyn manson himself totally noticed me. i’m not even kidding. he looked me right in the eye for so long i thought i’d die, while pointing at me. i was standing in the front row. i love standing in the front row : D

  1. Doe Deere says:

    OMG, your outfit is AMAZING!!!

  2. You look absolutely INCREDIBLE! What a delicious little combination of colours! How was the Marilyn Manson concert? I love him, and he’s the first person I ever saw in concert 😀

    • maraleopard says:

      thank you very much! ^-^ yeah, i love that combination.
      it was pretty awesome, but a bit bland. wish i could’ve seen him in his prime! really? that’s a lot more interesting than my first concert! mine was panic! at the disco =p

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