things i love thursday

Posted: October 15, 2009 in things i love thursday


my luscious glory being pink again! with dark purple & red accents! it’s been almost two weeks & it still makes me smile every time i look in the mirror. even though the colour’s already fading in the front. pink really suites me like no other colour. i don’t think i can be happy with another colour on my head ever again.
& while i could’ve taken pictures on a better hairday, i really had to post some today. & yes, that is a slytherin tie i’m wearing.


rediscovering wizard rock! (the remus lupins in particular <3) rereading harry potter books! making plans to go to infinitus next year (i don’t care how expensive it will be, again, i simply HAVE to go. even though i’m not nearly as obsessed with harry potter as i used to be. prophecy 2007 was so amazing! & so was every single person there!) embracing my nerdiness in general sharing classes with amazing people spending time OUTSIDE of school with said amazing people learning new things not being behind in math! (if you knew the ridiculous amount of work we have to do a week, you’d get it) speaking of math, that “click” when you get it & everything suddenly makes sense (that same “click” is the reason why math has always been my favourite subject) & still speaking of math, my little brother comparing a book to learn to work with our new super complicated calculators to the spellbooks in the harry potter games (in order of the phoenix at least), where you read it once & gold sparks appear above your head, accompanied by special music & you can always do it right after that xD

by anne-julie

my brand new skin.graft skirt (i had my eye on that skirt for many months, but the colour/size i wanted was ALWAYS out of stock & right after i got my birthday money & made a sale, i looked & it was IN STOCK & i couldn’t help but buy it) oh yeah! MAKING MY VERY FIRST SALE TO SOMEONE I DON’T KNOW! waking up to long, rambly emails from amazing people etsy convo’s full of praise & possible sales spinnerette finally having seen the latest harry potter movie! finding/making time to sew again especially for myself the prospect of finally seeing bring me the horizon in two weeks watching amelie over & over again nice warm soup after a long school day

& i’d love to write more, but i still have history homework to make & i want to post this while it’s still thursday.

the aurors are part of the rotfang conspiracy, i thought everyone knew that. they’re working from within to bring down the ministry of magic using a combination of dark magic & gum disease.
–luna lovegood

  1. shelley says:

    I just saw your post on Gala’s TiLT and thought I’d check you out once I realised you had an Etsy shop too =) And then I read all your Harry Potter stuff and realised that we are quite possibly Harry Potter soulmates =D And I can watch Amelie countless times without getting sick of it. I haven’t seen your Etsy shop yet, but I’m going to check it out.
    And I have a blog –

    P.S. – Your eyebrows are unreal! Ever since I saw Amanda’s from the Dresden Dolls, I’ve wanted that done!

    • maraleopard says:

      aww, thank you for your wonderful comment (:
      hahaha, what amazing coincidences! yeah, i’m in one of those obsessive hp moods right now :p i’ve really missed the fandom.

      i also checked out your etsy shop & you’re jewelry is pretty cool (: just not stuff i’d personally wear, otherwise i’d totally buy some.

      thanks! why don’t you? i’ve been plucking out & drawing on my eyebrows for over 2 1/2 years & i don’t regret it at all.

  2. Piirate says:

    Your hair is just plain incredible. And you’ve got me craving wizard rock now! It’s been too long.

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