two commissioned t-shirt reconstructions.

Posted: September 26, 2009 in my creations
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finally, finally, finally done with these. i actually finished the first one last weekend, but i wanted to post them at the same time. i’ve never taken so long over two t-shirt reconstructions before! oh, school. the course i’m following this year really isn’t the same walk in the park as my previous one. but back to the clothes:



Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

made from a marilyn manson t-shirt, green (uv reactive!) fishnet fabric, purple knit fabric, turquoise polka dot cotton & some turquoise ribbon. as often, i only had a vague idea of what i’d do & mostly improvised.

i wanted to make a racerback tank. but it wouldn’t fit with the graphics. sooooo, i added some extra fabric at the top for the front. & my amazing lime green fishnet fabric was begging me to be used, so i decided to use that for the back & cut out the text & sew it on that. i hand-sewed every word! because i was afraid my sewing machine would totally stretch it out of proportion. i trimmed it with purple & topped it off with a little turquoise bow.

i really like that combination of colours. they’re much brighter in real life (: if only i could keep this…



Photobucket Photobucket

made from a chemlab t-shirt, gray polka dot fabric, black eyelet tape, gray lace, pink stretch lace & some pink ribbon.

the t-shirt was too small & the graphics too high for most things, so i decided to make a halter top with side-panels. i thought the gray polka dot fabric was a good fit for it. it was looking pretty naked, so i added some black eyelet tape to the sides. & of course i needed to add a little colour :p i had bought that amazing pink lace off of amy a few months ago & have been dying to use it. so i finally did! lastly, i added some gray lace to the top & a nice pink bow.

these are for mulysa again. i really hope she likes what i’ve done!

  1. So COOL! Love these shirts and the details you added to each inch of it!

  2. yay – great work – especially love the second one.

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