things i love thursday

Posted: September 17, 2009 in things i love thursday

i know, i know, i’ve been neglecting my blog again. things have been so crazy lately. i’m back in school! very unexpectedly & at the very last minute. anyway.

by annelie solis

being back in school! it fills me with so much glee it’s ridiculous. sure, there are some drawbacks (like not always getting to do whatever i feel like without obligations anymore!), but in general i love it. i’m just a nerd :p i still have to get used to being a nerd again though. & being around people so very often. luckily there are some very awesome ones among those (: which i also love this thursday! it keeps amazing me how uplifting good people can be.

finally earning actual money with my clothing! otep! (one of my new favourite bands! i can’t believe i never really listened to them before) also, otep shamaya. *drools* i wonder how she feels about groupies… kidding! kind of :p random sprees (i went about $170 over the limit daddy gave me on itunes. hehe. oops.) not feeling guilty about getting & spending money from daddy now that i’m in school again money in general my new suit jacket (with that in combination with my short hair i look SO different; it feels like a costume. & i like it) wearing pants again! before this week i’ve seriously worn nothing but skirts & dresses for about four months experimenting with a more boyish style (totally inspired by the l word, shane in particular; what obsession?) i listen to music so much more now, which is good because it makes me happy. & not just arch enemy with the occasional marilyn manson thrown in for variation :p wearing perfume on a daily basis instead of saving it for “special occasions” that people still visit my blog even when i haven’t updated it coraline being inspired writing competition with the things i’m best at (in the particularly eloquent words of my brother: epic pwnage) watching my old favourite disney movies again speaking of disney, the soundtrack of the hunchback of notre dame. it has some of the best music everrrrr

& there are lots, lots, lots more things (which are less shallow :p), but i can’t think of anymore right now.


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