look who’s bravely venturing into the realm of colours other than pink!

Posted: August 30, 2009 in my creations
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made these two over the past few days: (i’ve been unusually slow)



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i love that fabric so much! luckily i have some left for myself :]

i really like how this dress turned out. it looks very mature, but still very girly & adorable. again, i didn’t want to totally over-embellish it because of the pattern; i only added lots of black accents.

it looks soooooo much better on a real person than on my shapeless dressform. i tried it on to make sure :p it’s very comfortable. & also very stretchy; it could comfortably stretch all the way to xl. so don’t give me that old “i would definitely buy this, if only it were in my size!” when i list it.




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i’m not sure about this one. but that’s probably just because of the colours. this colour scheme was completely alien to me :p but i wanted to make something halloweeny & came across this adorable bat fabric. which was mostly orange (the one colour i can’t love!). because some of the bats were yellow, i used yellow polka dot fabric for the other panels. it’s such an amazing yellow. it’s very light & pastel-ish, but somehow still so bright it could burn your eyeballs right out of their sockets. my favourite kind of yellow!

after i sewed all the panels together, it took a while to decide what to do with the rest of it. such difficult colours! i started with the lace at the top, tried & discarded a purple bow, then decided on a striped one. then i thought it would be cool to add a matching striped ruffle along the bottom, but then i came across that checkered fabric & thought that it would look much better. that ruffle was SO tedious to do, but it looks awesome :] & in the halloween mood, i hand-stitched a big spider, cut out from mesh fabric, to the front. then i topped it off with some hand-stitched polka dot patches for that extra dose of character.

i would LOVE to hear your opinion on this one. opinions on the first dress are welcome too, of course, but i would especially LOVE them on the second. love it? hate it? wearable?

thanks for looking anyway :] & i will list these on etsy, with my next batch, somewhere within the next two weeks! so save up! oh! that reminds me. [insider scoop]i will offer free shipping (including custom orders!) all through september![/insider scoop] because it’s my birthmonth. it would be lovely to sell some things before my birthday (the 24th!). so if you were planning on buying something from me, september’s the time.

& just one last thing: i recenly made a facebook page (link in my sidebar!) & if you have a facebook account, please fan me :]


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