this week: handmade journals/books, all from etsy. i’m in a bookish mood & when it comes to books, there’s nothing i love more than handmade ones.

i hope you liked them :] i know i do!

& now a HIGHLY unusual honourable mention. you see, my little brother recently made a burnout paradise fan video & uploaded it to youtube. he worked really hard on it (it was adorable) & it’s actually pretty impressive for a fan video.

even though i’m not much of a game/racing/car person (but maybe you are! …okay, i’m just grasping at straws here) & the music he used makes my ears bleed & i just don’t get the point of game fan videos, as his big (& thoroughly amazing :p) sister with a blog with regular readers, i feel obligated to mention it. SO. without further ado:

if you have a youtube account & too much time on your hands, feel free to rate and/or comment here.

oh, & i apologize for that awful “photobucket bandwidth limit exceeded” sign instead of pictures in my older posts. i tried to fix it by making a new account & replacing some pictures, but it just won’t budge. i can’t even upgrade to a plus account, because i have no credit card D: it should be fine again on the 28th though.


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