things i love thursday

Posted: August 14, 2009 in things i love thursday


by silent view photography

summer darkness! the perks of volunteering at summer darkness (like seeing the backstage areas of some of the venues! & running into some of the bands!) the people i had to work with at summer darkness the few bands i saw at summer darkness: the birthday massacre, modulate (who i met backstage! they’re so awesome) & suicide commando dancing, even though i’m truly awful at it seeing all the dressed up people at summer darkness an excuse to wear one of my tutus being called miss rainbow taking walks sore feet from using them so much “you’re sparkly! i like you.” getting complimented/photographed when i’m not even really dressed up (case in point) absolutely stereotypical gothic things & people taking back sunday! the lack of annoying, underage kids at the show anxiously sitting in front of the melkweg for the whole afternoon, like the old days seeing amsterdam again (haven’t been there since februari! & haven’t been there during the day since last september! D: ) being greeted by most of the band (it’s funny, ’cause i didn’t recognize them AT ALL; but when i saw them on stage… i was delighted) standing all the way at the front of the stage snagging a guitar pick from fazzi adam unabashedly laughing at the stagedivers who did NOT get caught talking to strangers running into old acquaintances “you were at the front! […] yeah, i saw something pink bouncing around there” how bottomless my tnbc bag seems short hair! new gossip girl book being able to wear hats again! sticking a sunflower to my miami ink hat the people at kinki; they’re always so friendly genuinely good people in general not having to worry about my outfit clashing with my hair anymore (remind me to take more outfit pictures) how much less uncomfortable my contacts get when i wear them several days in a row getting through a concert WITHOUT anything flying onto one of my contacts & causing me a hella lot of pain & making me miss part of it finishing more than one thing in a day still smelling like roses 11 days after my last shower (i’m amazed at how good i’ve held up. especially under the circumstances. but the bathroom should be done this saturday, thank god) spending a whole day watching my favourite shows on my laptop after a super busy weekend

oh, yes. despite certain things, it’s been a very good week :]


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