things i love thursday

Posted: August 6, 2009 in things i love thursday

haven’t done this in a while… especially not on an actual thursday! xD anyway.


shane! oh my god, i haven’t had such an obsessive crush on someone fictional since shawn (from boy meets world). even with all the spikes & jacks & vs & lunas & snapes & connors & willows & freds & neds & jokers & chucks & blairs & aragorns & lestats thrown at me, my love for shawn never faltered. until now. it’s kind of funny. because shane is pretty much a female, lesbian, mature version of shawn. & she’s so gorgeous it brings tears to my eyes. & her voice… *sigh* i could go on & on & on about how amazing she is, but i’ll spare you.

the l word in general summer darkness & everything that comes with it like unexpectedly running into some of my favourite people! finally getting to see taking back sunday the possibility of studying in america! (though it could be very dangerous to get my hopes up) sleeping in utrecht (i haven’t been there for far too long) my new wearydrearies dress lacuna coil miss scabbia in particular who totally gave me a hand at the end of the show tea babydolls & long bloomers finally having a book from kathryn jeanes (i’m not usually one for poetry, but her work is seriously amazing) ridiculously big rings all the crazy things my brother says making playlists with different artists instead of relying on genius or only listening to whole albums at a time (old habit) ice cream baby wipes (they’re the next best thing when you can’t use your shower for a WEEK) wearing my new miss dior cherie perfume & feeling totally girly the latest episodes of true blood (the second season is sooooo much better than the first)

i’m sure i forgot lots of things. i really should make this a habit instead of doing it so sporadically (where did i get that from?!).


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