things i love thursday

Posted: July 17, 2009 in things i love thursday

by the wonderful callow lily

dresses! re-reading my favourite anne rice books true blood (i didn’t really like the first few episodes, but the more i watched it, the more i liked it) getting compliments on my hair from old people smiling so much my smile nearly vibrates off my face having money the prospect of going to concerts again! (walls of jericho!, taking back sunday!, bring me the horizon! & maybe hanzel und gretyl) sewing, sewing, sewing meeting new people seeing old friends again open rings (they’re my new favourite thing to put in my lip piercings) shopping for new fabric sequins new perfume (my mommy bought me midnight poison & cherie from dior! i love them so much) taking back sunday’s new album book stores getting up early having “i’m a barbie girl” sung to me when i’m walking around in all my fluorescentness (out of all the reactions i got at graspop, that one was my very favourite xD) being called fluorescent people paying attention to me for something other than my prettiness brightly coloured tattoos (i want more!) finally having a garter belt! muahahaha & stockings to go with said garter belt underwear as outerwear pink & turquoise turquoise nails my trusty doc martens the prospect of SEEING somewhere before september! (i asked daddy if i could get my eyes lasered before i go to school again & he said “but of course!”)

& that’s all i can think of right now! but there are many more things ^-^


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