things i love thursday

Posted: June 19, 2009 in things i love thursday

even though it’s not actually thursday.
this week there’s been even less to love, but i’ll do my best. otherwise i’ll just keep thinking about everything i don’t have.


audrey hepburn movies raw banana ice cream talking to strangers talking to anyone i don’t live with at all my new bag deviantart twirly skirts how fast i’m able to make things (i used to be much slower) being registered on itunes with my daddy’s credit card knowing that i truly can do whatever the hell i want to everyone that’s been visiting & commenting on my blog the prospect of having something to DO next week grimm fairytales polyvore finally having clear hearts, grey flowers from jack off jill in full listening to lots of music decadence bright colours floral patterns pretty girls pretty boys pretty things in general people who inspire me to be a better person

feel free to comment with a list of everything YOU’VE loved in the past week :]


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