one of the many reasons why i love this show.

Posted: June 14, 2009 in inspiration
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jack: no, eric, listen. i don’t want you to change. come back man. where’s my old buddy?

eric: he’s dead. he’s gone. he was inefficient & unprepared for that cold, cruel world. but you know what, jack? you did him a favour & you killed him. (same stirrer! how hard is that?)

jack: you know, this world is only cold & cruel because people like me believe you have to be that way to succeed.

eric: you know something, jack? i’m gonna succeed in it. (one napkin!)

jack: eric, eric, please man! i was wrong! just forget all that! we don’t wanna be any part of that world!
you knew that didn’t you?

mr. feeny: well, i’ve lived in this world a long time now; i think i know it very well.

jack: so, all this time you didn’t want me to rub off on him, you wanted him to rub off on me.

mr. feeny: i wanted both, jack. you see, it’s not enough to leave school & just desire to succeed in this cold, cruel world. because then you simply become a part of it. you must also have the desire to change it. & to change it you need your fine mind & his good heart.

boy meets world, season 7, episode 5: you light up my union


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