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Posted: June 12, 2009 in news & previews
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here’s a super sneak preview of what i’ll list next! i made this skirt yesterday, but i want to make (at least) a matching top & gloves before i list it. it’ll probably be within the next week.


it’s fairly simple (for me), but i love it ^^ it’s so poofy & cake-like. i made it from silk fabric, which looks & feels amazing.
want to know where i got the polka dot ribbon from?! WAL-MART! haha, i love wal-mart. even though i’ve been there many times before, it wasn’t until last december that i discovered how much amazing crafty stuff you can get there. i wish we had one in holland :[

& i think i’ll make a swing dress from this fabric:


i bought it today. i ONLY went to the store to buy buttons & some satin, but this caught my eye & i just couldn’t leave without at least two metres of it. the picture doesn’t really do it justice; it looks much more amazing in real life. & it stretches! i’ll probably buy more of it for myself :p i love floral patterns.

that’s it for now. start getting excited! & putting money aside!


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