things i love thursday

Posted: June 11, 2009 in things i love thursday

model: ulorin vex
photographer: marcelo aquilio
corset: maya hansen

raw food! i ate soooo much junk over the past few weeks, it’s ridiculous. but i ate about 80% raw today & i already feel a lot better :] yeah, no more junk food for me.

swapping! while it’s not as exciting as actually making a sale, it’s pretty awesome that someone likes your work so much she’s willing to swap a wearydrearies (only one of my favourite clothing lines everrrr) dress for something custom. you should all check out said swappers etsy store.

you! seriously, not a day goes by that no one visits my blog. i think that’s amazing :] makes me want to update more regularly! but unfortunately i can’t pull (good) content out of thin air.

stumbleupon! i spent far too much time “stumbling” yesterday. it’s so addicting. & a great way to get your websites out there! if you’re terribly bored you can check out my favourites here.

audrey kitchings apartment! oh, i’m so jealous. my room looks so very, very bland in comparison.

glam! doesn’t need an explanation, right?

lady gaga! bet you didn’t see that one coming :p but i do love her. at first she just annoyed me, what with the constant radio play, but when i looked closer & actually listened to her music (instead of being annoyed & uninterested on principle), i really liked what i saw. her music’s so deliciously catchy, her videos are AMAZING & i just love her vision, which she actually has (contrary to most pop stars). i also love that she actually worked for her fame, instead of relying on her prettiness. there’s hope for the pop industry yet.

hints that lost will be on television again soon! about damn time. i don’t even want to know how far you americans are in to the new season. unfortunately i’ll be in belgium (graspop!) when the first new episode airs, but i guess i can just download that one.

rain! how i’ve missed the rain. even with my curtains closed, the glare of the sun nearly burnt me up. & of course outside it was so much worse.

yes, the past week hasn’t been very exciting. but somehow i still managed to find a good amount of positive things :] i’m also working on some new stuff & my head is swimming (actually, more like drowning) with new ideas, so i’ll probably post new clothes within the next week!

what else would you like to see on my blog? yes, you! i really want to put more of an effort into this. especially now that i have some regular readers.


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