things i love thursday

Posted: May 28, 2009 in things i love thursday

holland! i don’t know why i was in such a rush to get the hell out of here.
… the past few weeks i’ve been thinking about going to college in america & was actually really excited about it, but apparantly i’d have to enroll months ago & it was the end of my dream. also, i don’t get the school system there at all. i was kinda sad about it for a few days, but looking around i realized how much i actually loved holland. i love the architecture, i love the cycling thing, i love how crazy excited all the dutch people get about sunny weather, i love how easy it is to meet band members at shows, i love how unabashed & uncensored the dutch are, i love the older cities like amsterdam & utrecht… even though there’s nothing really important keeping me, for the next few (& i DO mean few) years i’ll be perfectly content here.

the diyscene forums! - DIY Clothing, Indie Design, and Craft Discussion Forum
i’ve only been a member for a few days, but i already like it better than craftster.

following tom felton on twitter! his updates usually make me smile :] i can’t wait to see him in the new harry potter movie!

having an organized fabric stash! it was really messy, so today i reorganized it & threw out (blasphemous, i know) all the fugly fabrics that i never would’ve used & nobody would’ve bought off of me. my taste & standards have really changed over the past few years.

bright colours! i’m already growing out of my pastel phase :p i used to love bright colours so much. then i really started to like more neutral tones & pastels. but now i love bright colours again ^^

reading & writing every day! i had almost forgotten how addicting those things can be.

slip dresses, pearl necklaces, stockings with garter belts, brightly coloured make-up, false eyelashes, elaborate bows, bling, insanely high stilettos; basically the “classy ho” look :p i really need more items like that…

my new sugar mafia/callow lily ring!


i know, the picture’s shit, but i can’t help the lighting in my room.
i just got it & am wearing it right now. it’s so BIG! & well-crafted too. i adore it :] i’ll probably wear it on a daily basis.

having lots of money again! & spending it terribly unresponsibly! while i still can. for now i’ll stop buying so many unneccessary things though. i have to invest more in my shop.

finally having wireless internet! it’s really nice to be able to move my laptop around without that long annoying wire.

improving myself! it’s really an ongoing project. i blame gala darling. i’m nowhere near as cynical & misanthropic & hopeless as i was last year. i’m finally starting to live up to my name (maraluce means “sea of light”)! & i like it :]

that’s all i can think of right now, but there are LOTS more things that i’ve loved since my last tilt.


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