made this yesterday.

Posted: May 4, 2009 in my creations
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it used to be a HUGE solid black mens hoodie. i wore it to death during my short, depressing “ew, i gained weight & now i can’t wear tight clothing anymore” phase. but now i feel pretty & vain again & can’t fathom how i once dared to go outside in something that big & unflattering.

so, i gave it new life as a cute, fitted hoodie! there really wasn’t much i could do with it, since it was already a hoodie & the graphics on the front went all the way over the pockets. i just gave it a new hood, waistband & sleeves & decorated the pockets with lace. after making it smaller, of course :p

& this finally gave the c&a shirt that i only bought because it had stripes, but never wore (it had a pretty big keyhole at the front), a use! it’s in the sleeves, waistband & bow.

i love how it turned out ^^ i especially like that combination of red puffed sleeves & long striped ones under that. i also love how this hoodie is actually WARM. all my other hoodies that i like are made of either t-shirt fabric or spandex.

i can’t wait to wear this out! somewhere lots of marilyn manson fans will be!


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