okay, “soon” might have been overly optimistic.

Posted: April 25, 2009 in news & previews

i really should stop saying that i’ll do things before i’m absolutely sure that i can & will. i hate it when other people say they’ll do things & then totally forget about it.

i have made some new things though, just haven’t taken any pictures yet.  i’m also working on a black & white swing  dress now, but there’s a teensy flaw in the design that i’m not sure how to fix, so it might take a while before i finish that.

in other news, something happened this week that still keeps making me squee with delight.


NEW HAIR <(^-^)>
it goes all the way to my elbows & keeps swishing in the way & is a total pain to shower with, but i adore it :] i can’t believe i haven’t had dreads in over a year and a half. i got these from i kick shins, by the way. they’re the prettiest i’ve ever had!

that’s all for now.



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