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Posted: February 23, 2009 in my creations
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god, i hate these.

hi! my name is maraluce, i’m 18, love sewing, blah, blah, blah. enough with the introductory nonsense.

here are some things i recently made: (& no, these are NOT for sale. ever.)

Photobucket Photobucket

first one is made from a combichrist t-shirt. it’s not terribly original, but i like it anyway. especially the back. i love that D-ring tape! got it from amy. oh, & i learned how to make the contour bust from alexis. even with all my many years of sewing experience, i never really mastered (or bothered with) busts like that before.


Photobucket Photobucket

made from a placebo t-shirt that i got from hot topic. bwahahaha, hot topic.
anyway. this was just supposed to be a little breather, something simple to make during another super complicated project (result in my shop), but it wasn’t that simple after all. i made the sleeves all wrong at first (i never make off-shoulder tops), but obviously managed to fix it. speaking of the sleeves, they’re EXTRA long & sooooo comfortable. i love it.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

made from an every time i die t-shirt, also from hot topic. oh, & i got the green fishnet fabric from amy too. the colours are so fruity it kills me.
this was fairly easy to make, just a lot of work. especially the sleeves! i didn’t get the hood or zipper right at first though. i could’ve just left it the way it was (those little mistakes were barely noticeable), but because i’m such a crazed perfectionist, i simply HAD to fix it. otherwise it would annoy me every time i died wore it. if it wasn’t for my hoody from toxic vision, this would be my new favourite.
i can’t wait for ETID’s new album! & inevitable tour!

& now. the epic last one. are you ready?


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

ohmygodilovethesepantssomuchyouhavenoidea. even though it turned out freakishly high.

that poor arch enemy shirt has been sitting in my closet since last april. then, in october, i was inspired to make pants from them. or incorporate them into pants, whatever. while i was making them, i thought something like “ha! bet no one else has ever thought of incorporating the infamous pure fucking metal t-shirt into pants before! i’m a genius!” but then (before i was finished) the new arch enemy dvd came out & lo & behold; mrs. gossow herself was parading around in white pants with the pure, fucking & metal parts stuck on it. thanks for stealing my thunder, dude.
i love that she’s creative with her clothes though. so many other metalheads, even the girls, just throw on some black/camo pants & an ill-fitting band t-shirt on & think it’s the coolest thing ever. all hail angela!

uhm, what was i talking about again? oh yes. pants. while i was drawing the pattern, i completely disregarded the fact that the main fabric didn’t stretch. so of course, when i tried it on, it was wayyyy too tight. i could barely pull it halfway up my thighs. it was very depressing. i banished it to the bottom section of my closet & didn’t touch it again until last saturday night. or rather, sunday morning. as i tossed & turned, i began thinking of clothes i had yet to finish. those pants came up. suddenly, i had the idea to put a strip of black spandex in the middle. i couldn’t sleep anyway, so i got up & did exactly that. it fit like a glove! i was very pleased. unfortunately, because of the extra fabric, it had also gotten a lot higher than i had intended. but I wear long tops all the time anyway, so i just left it. i think i’ll still add some belt loops. the waistband looks so naked.

thanks for taking the time to look!


  1. Katie says:

    so super clever i adore everything you make/post

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